Losing Weight Naturally

The most advisable way to lose weight is losing weight naturally but it is also the slowest, the most painful way, however the most recommended and the healthiest way to do it.

It is the slowest way because you don’t use artificial nutritional supplements and weight loss pills, just food based diets, active sport and recreation lifestyle.

The first thing you should do is to elaborate yourself a plan, to consult a doctor or a nutritionist, a sports coach in football or track and field specialist. Avoiding advice from a specialist can cause disaster for your body because it can affect your health.

Losing weight naturally by yourself can even be boring, and most of the times you will not achieve what you have planned ahead. After elaborating the plan which has to contain information about your personal activity and habits, you should elaborate a time schedule too, and estimate the time how long it will take for you to achieve your goal and lose the weight you want.

Keeping an eye on eating habits is very important too, and changing that as well as lowering the calorie intake is not necessarily a good idea, because you should think about the fact that you will start doing more physical exercise as usual and will need those calories even more.

You have your diet plan, your exercise plan, your time schedule, and you can now start to lose weight. I almost forgot to warn you about the weighing-machine, so if you have one, please throw it away so you don’t check if you have gained a little weight every half an hour, maybe you did...but that is because you were thirsty and drunk a glass of water.

Not to mention the diet pills...if you have some in your house it will be good for you to throw them away together with the weighing-machine.

Now you have everything, and don’t have what you don’t need. You can now start to do your exercises and diet as you planned, with measuring yourself every, let’s say, 1 week in a 3 week cycle, and I am sure that if your plan works just a little, it will work even better if you hold on to it.

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